The best life insurance for intrepid explorers?

What we mean is “the best life insurance for going on holidays?”

It is incredible the number of holiday advertisements appearing on our televisions the moment Christmas and New Year is over.

The advertising agencies know a person’s psyche that a holiday immediately after Christmas is what everyone needs, wants, and many of us are planning where to go right now. More than anything else, looking online at those warmer climates, luxury hotels, white sandy beaches and sparkling blue swimming pools. Perfect images to cheer us up during those mid-January blues.

Booking flights, hotels, packing a suitcase full to bursting. The lead up is the easy and fun part. Checking off the list of necessities; passport? check; boarding passes? check. How many of us forget the one crucial envelope marked “insurance”?

Check out the best life insurance policy before travelling

Ensuring your insurance policies are all in place, up to date, and valid is one of the most sensible, if not the most practical approach before travelling. We also need to take on board all the things that might go wrong, and falling ill or suffering an accident abroad is more common than people realise. Luckily, for most couples or families, one person in the group will possess the necessary insight to pack this essential item of holiday paraphernalia.

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, it is even more prudent to check the terms of your insurance policies. Determine which insurance package will cover you in the event of an emergency, and especially check for exclusion terms. Ask yourself the question “is my life insurance policy valid abroad?”

Travel and the best life insurance

Firstly, an explanation of what exactly is life insurance. Depending on what type of life insurance policy you have, the goal of life insurance is to ensure loved ones have financial security if the policyholder should pass away.

A life insurance policy will, among other things: payout a lump sum to help with the following:

  • ever-escalating funeral expenses
  • pay the remainder of the mortgage
  • pay off existing debts
  • provide day-to-day financial security

Scoot over to our previous blog explaining all the different types of life insurance policies that exist.

The best life insurance while on holiday

Checking your policy is vital before travelling. Most life insurance policies will cover you when travelling. Still, there may be some exclusions, especially when the globe is in the clutches of a viral epidemic or other gripping disaster or terrorist threat. Your life insurance policy may render invalid any claims made while travelling to any of the countries on a UK “exclusion list.”

Excluded countries may also render invalid any other insurance policies relied upon. For example, medical insurance, travel insurance for lost luggage, damaged items, plus various different types of claims commonly made under travel insurance policies.

Apart from avoiding countries with deadly pandemics and regular terrorist situations, certain activities taken while on holiday will need careful consideration.

For example, scuba diving, paragliding, skydiving, any extreme or hazardous pursuits while on holiday. These will most likely require separate policies to ensure full protection against accidents or death. You may already have this covered if you partake in dangerous sporting activities regularly and providing your insurance company is aware of this.

It never harms to get on the phone and double-check that you have the necessary cover for specific sporting activities when abroad. Especially if you plan to climb to the tip of a burning inferno, gallop camels across the desert or free dive with sharks! Even skiing has more than its fair share of risks. It may be that your insurer will want to check safety credentials and professional certification of the organisers involved. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of ensuring all your insurance policies are up to date, including life insurance for travelling abroad.

Have peace of mind knowing you are covered, and then you are good to go.

The UK Government, in light of previous terrorist attacks and the current coronavirus outbreak, urges holidaymakers to take specific precautions before travelling. For an up to date checklist and advice, visit their web page here.

Whatever your holiday plans are this year, there is a lot to consider, with viruses, terrorism, Brexit, etc. Any information about travelling is located on the Government link above, with regular updates.

We hope that your holiday will go smoothly, without incident. Staying away from sharks and volcanoes will help! Having appropriate travel insurance together with life insurance is a smart move. It will protect you and your loved ones in a worst-case scenario.

If you are young and fit and you do not have life insurance, now is the time to consider a policy while it is cheap to do so. If you are planning a holiday and don’t have life insurance contact a representative today to discuss getting covered and the benefits of life insurance while abroad.

Relax; enjoy your holiday without worrying, but remember – life insurance is not just for the holiday season, but also for the long term.


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